Welcome to the Atari 2600 Virtual Gallery!

Atari 2600 Fanatics never die, their joysticks just stop working.

This site is the product of a small-time and somewhat OCD collector of Atari 2600 items. Originally published back in 1999, it was meant as a means for the site's author to learn how to do some basic web programming. It has become such a project again.

The Atari 2600 Virtual Gallery is not a particularly unique site, nor does it strive to be. It is meant to be a useful tool for the benefit of the site’s administrator. That said, I am happy to make it public because (although much work is needed), I feel I have produced a reasonably nice site (albeit small).

The focus here is on cartridge and manual variants. The only pictures on the site are from my personal collection and were scanned or photographed by me. This means that the content will stay limited as I slowly enlarge my collection.